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The art of Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) was introduced in Mauritius by Jaunbocus Muhamad Tawfiq in the year 2008.The first school was implemented in Medine Camp De Masque a small village found on the East coast of the island


Nowadays Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clubs has been implemented in mostly all region according to the sport act of Mauritius.

In the same year 2008 the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation took birth as a Non-Profit Organisation with the help and support of Farook Pirbacosse, Neesha Balaghee, Jonathan Lafrisee , Navin Conto Naiko , Raees Bhojul , Bunally Azween, Noorani Sohun, Vishal Samonakho ,Muhamad Tawfiq Jaunbocus ,Mohseena Olath ,Rohan Chengelerayen, Bye Mehboob Jaunbocus , Noorjahan Teeluckdharry, Umar Jaunbocus, Kailash Patan, Goolam Cader Aly and Ravi Bhuttoo as managing committee members .Gradually the Federation keep on going and new members keep on enrolling.

After a huge struggle Brazillian Jiu Jitsu has been granted recognition by the ministry of youth & sport as an official sport in Mauritius since on the 08 July 2014 under the leadership of Farook Pircbacosse who was president (2008-2010/2010-2014).

The approval to represent and use of the name of “Mauritius” has been entitled through Mohsena Olath as secretary of the federation by the Prime Minister’s office on 07 Oct 2015.

The Mauritius Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation(MBJJF) has set up its Mauritius Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in 2015 and has affiliated to the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation(IBJJF) in 2012 and as from 2016 the MBJFF has seek recognition from Sport International Jiu Jitsu Federation (SJJIF). The MBJJF is now officially working with SJJIF .

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is now the fatest growing sports among all martial art or combat sport in Mauritius.

BJJ is not only a sport but away of life which is beneficial to children, man and woman of all age. The Mauritius Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation invite all of you to join.

Presidents Achievement

Recognition of MBJJF as National Sports Federation on 8th July 2014
Under his leadership the federation has achieved
• 2 gold medals Abu dhabi Africa trial 2012
• 1 silver and 1 bronze Punjab Games Pakistan 2013
• 1 silver open Paris 2014
• 2 gold and 1 bronze medals Coupe de la Montagne 2013
• 2 gold medals Open Lutador Jiu-Jitsu Madagascar 2014

Pirbacosse Farook

(2008-2010)- (2010-May 2015)

Use of the name “Mauritius” has been officially granted to MBJJF by Prime Minister’s Office

• First International Brazilian Jiu jitsu Tournament in Mauritius (UST)
• 1 gold medal, 2 bronze at Open London 2015, UK
• 4 gold medals in Ultimate Submission Tournament (MBJJF)

Naiko Navin Conto

(May 2015- April 2017)

• 6 Gold Medal (Gi), SJJAF Open Africa Championship, Mauritius (SJJAF/MBBJF) 2017
• 4 Silver Medal (Gi), SJJAF Open Africa Championship, Mauritius (SJJAF/MBBJF) 2017
• 5 Bronze Medal (Gi), SJJAF Open Africa Championship, Mauritius (SJJAF/MBBJF) 2017

Shamboo Sumeet Kumar

(April 2017- 2020)