Since 2008

MBJJF Academy

The MBJJ academy has been set up by the federation to regroup the best athletes from all registered clubs around the island to establish a national team to represent Mauritius in international competition. The Mauritius Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy is legally recognised by International bodies

MBJJF affiliated to SJJIF

The intent of founding the Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation is to unify all existing Jiu-Jitsu federations throughout the world into one singular body which shares the vision of reaching Olympic greatness and international recognition. The SJJIF seeks to have every state represented by a federation who will work under one set of governing rules which will lend validity to the sport and enable it to grow under this new world order. Each newly state founded federation along with existing federations will work diligently to uphold the unifying rules and guidelines to aid in organizing & structuring academies, insure the hiring of qualified instructors, and develop larger well organized events that will bring about national acknowledgement and respect.

In order to accomplish this, each state will host its own competition which will qualify the top three of each division to compete in their country’s national tournament. The top three national division champions will then qualify for competition status in the SJJIF tournament, where the true champion warrior of the mat will be decided. The uniform structure of how these events are executed will show a novel approach to the new symbiotic mindset of the sport. It will reflect unity and deflect the echoes of chaos that have held our sport from the pathway towards Olympic achievement.

All state federations under the SJJIF guidelines must work together in a national effort to bring forth greatness to this sport.

It is within our power to rally together and give this sport the recognition it truly deserves. Become part of a movement that will bring about change to a sport that will lead us into a future where you too may one day carry the Olympic torch towards its final destination as loved ones look on and cheer for our future Olympic Champions.

How can I be part of the MBJJF?

I should be a locally active competitor

I should have a valid MBJJF licence

I should abide by all disciplines laid down by my club and the federation

I should obtain the approval of my club

I should have a valid travel passport

I should have the appropriate international licence

I should be ready to train 5 to 7 days per week as per responsible coach.

I should be faithful and loyal to give my best in all what I have been asked to perform

Make a Change


Sponsor an athlete

Anyone can sponsor an athlete who has been selected in the national team. The athlete shall inform the MBJJF accordingly

Sponsor the national team

Anyone who wish to sponsor the National Team must contact the MBJJF for approval. Cheque must be issued on the Mauritius Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation

Sponsor a club

Anyone can sponsor a club for his development in BJJ. The club must be officially registered at the registrar of association and as well registered with MBJJF.

Sponsor the federation

Anyone who wish to sponsor the federation in the running of the organisation must contact the MBJJF for approval